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Prepare + After Care

Making you feel effortlessly beautiful.

Want the best experience? Follow this!

How do I prepare for my Eyelash Extension appointment?

Prior to arriving to your appointment please remove any eye make-up with an oil-free makeup remover. Your retention is maximized by the cleanliness of your natural lash. If there is any residue on your lashes, the adhesive will not bond properly and your lashes will not last as long.

How do I prepare for my Lash Lift appointment?

We recommend being mascara free for at least 24 hours. Keep in mind that lash lifts require a 24 hour drying period. So, keep your lashes dry and free of any moisture during that time.

How often will I need a fill?

This varies from each individual. It depends on the set you started with, how the lash extensions are cared for, and even an individual's skin type. Clients return for a fill every 2-3 weeks, no later than 3 weeks. There should always be at least 40% of your lash extensions remaining for it to be considered a fill. Anything less than 40% or beyond the  3 week period will be considered and charged a full set price.

Can I wear makeup with my lash extensions?

Yes! It is best to use oil-free products as part of the proper aftercare. The introduction of oil will cause the adhesive to breakdown quicker, resulting in a weaker bond of the extension to the natural lash.

Can I still use a lash curler with lash extensions?

No, absolutely no lash curlers--but you shouldn't need it. The extensions already have a great curl.

Can I have lash extensions if I wear contacts/eyeglasses?

Yes! Lash extensions are completely harmless to contacts and eyeglasses. We just ask that you remove your contacts during the application service.

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